Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apptourage?

Apptourage is a design tool that enables you to improve the effectiveness of your UI by testing the usability of single screens or multi-screen flows with real people.

What does it cost?

When you sign up with a Basic account, you can run unlimited tests with your own private testers for free, and you can test with Apptourage testers for $5/tester.

When you sign up for one of our monthly plans, you’ll be able to test with more private testers, and you'll receive a discount on public testing. Check out our Pricing Page to learn more!

Who are your testers?

Our testers are regular people. We want the feedback you get using Apptourage to reflect what you can expect from real users, not professional app testers.

How does private testing work?

Private testing allows you to create unlimited tests with your own testers for free. Just send a unique test link to your testers (e.g., via email, text, social posts) and collect an unlimited number of responses.

Our free Basic plan allows you to view up to 10 of the responses you collect for a private test. When you upgrade your plan, you'll be able to view additional responses for each private test you create.

What results do I get?

All tests show you where testers click, their time to success, and how different demographics perform. For multi-screen tests, we’ll also show you which screens in your flow give testers the most trouble so you can optimize conversion through your product. View Sample Results.

How quickly do I get results?

It depends on the number of responses you request when creating your test. Most tests are completed within a few hours. You’ll start to see results come in as soon as testers start completing your test.

Why test screenshots?

We want to help you build better products faster. Testing with screenshots allows you to design, test, and iterate quickly before writing any code, so you can make smarter product decisions from day 1.

Can I target specific demographics?

Totally! When you test with Apptourage testers, you can choose the age, gender, and location of your testers.

How do you pronounce Apptourage?

Combine “app” and “entourage”. BOOM.

What is Apptourage?

A quick, easy way to earn cash testing apps. We connect you with app developers who want to pay you for your feedback, so that they can build better apps. Everyone wins. Try a sample test.

Who can become a tester?

We require that testers be at least 18 years old, and have their own computer, phone, or tablet to test on. If that's you, become a tester.

How much will I get paid?

Each test pays you $1. Try a sample test.

Can I earn more money?

Oh yeah. Every time you invite a friend that joins Apptourage, we'll add 5 tests to your Bonus Streak. That means you’ll earn double on the next 5 tests - That’s an extra $5 for each friend you invite! Invite some friends now!

How do I get my money?

When you hit $5 in your Apptourage account you can withdraw using PayPal. We use PayPal to ensure you receive your cash securely.

What if I don't have a Paypal account?

You’ll need a PayPal account to use Apptourage, it’s the most secure way to send you your cash. Don’t worry if you don’t have an account right now, you can create one during your first withdrawal.

How do you pronounce Apptourage?

Combine “app” and “entourage”. BOOM.