For Companies

Even great designers suffer from what we like to call “because-I-said-so-itis” (very scientific term). Apptourage cures the itis by allowing product owners to test screenshots with users early and often, before writing any code.

We want companies to build better products, faster. Apptourage arms you with the data you need to make smarter product decisions from day 1.

For Testers

Most app testing companies run you through the gauntlet to earn cash as a tester. Download the app, install it, read the instructions, record your face, talk through your thoughts, respond to a bunch of questions, etc. This type of testing is time consuming and super awkward, unless of course you’re locked away in your testing dungeon. (If you have a testing dungeon, we’ve got some questions for/about you)

Apptourage is flipping the script. We’re turning your swipes and taps into meaningful feedback for product owners. No downloads, no talking, no video. Our testers react to app screenshots to earn cash on the spot. Imagine getting paid anywhere, anytime, with just a few taps. It’s a game changer.


Have questions or feedback? Check out our FAQ, email us at, or chat with us now! You can also reach us by phone at (888) 826-2655.